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Joe Russo

Western Maryland Regional Director

Joe Russo is from Frederick County, Maryland and  a freshman in the Smith Business School at the University of Maryland, College Park, majoring in finance. Russo always had a deep passion for public service going back to middle school when he started volunteering at a local after-school program for at-risk youth.


He is a big proponent of civil liberties and believes that a small government that performs its duties effectively and efficiently will always be greater than a large bureaucratic system. Russo began his journey as he started with the College Republicans after his roommate came back from the semester’s First Look Fair and told him College Park had an active chapter.


He hopes his time with the Federations Board can be filled with achievements like bringing the chapters of Western Maryland together to raise funds, lobby, and support civil liberties. Russo looks forward to serving the Federation in the Western Region of Maryland and he can’t wait to get started.