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Kevin Gianaris

Vice Chairman

Kevin Gianaris just concluded his highly successful term as President of the Johns Hopkins University chapter. Determined to revive the low-member and almost nonexistent chapter, Gianaris went above and beyond. Under his leadership, the JHU College Republicans increased their budget by a factor of 40 and grew to host multiple events per year, including debates.


Additionally, Gianaris took crucial steps to establish a partnership between the College Republicans and  JHU's SNF Agora Institute, gaining access to a $150 million grant to promote political involvement. Gianaris' conservative activism is deep-rooted, having been a Teenage Republican in high school.


As Vice Chair, Gianaris seeks to maximize our impact by working closely with external parties, such as the TARs. Furthermore, he will be instrumental in empowering our smaller chapters to achieve similar success to that of the Hopkins chapter. Gianaris plans to use a data-based strategy to best grow, develop, and advance the Maryland Federation of College Republicans.