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Rosie Wilson


Rosemary “Rosie” Wilson is a Senior at the University of Maryland, where she studies Environmental Science and Policy.


Originally from Cary, North Carolina, Rosie notes that she is "forever grateful for the welcoming and inclusive family I found in Maryland's College Republicans - on the individual, chapter, and Federation levels”. She serves as the First Vice President of the University of Maryland College Republicans. Rosie is a sister of Sigma Kappa Sorority and Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity.

Rosie is a Republican because she knows that government cannot (and should not) run and control every detail of our lives, and because she believes in our fundamental human rights to life, liberty, and opportunity. Rosie notes that limited government is what allows us to, in her words, “create our OWN American Success Stories,” and that big government policies consistently fail us. The issues Rosie is most passionate about are environmentalism (read: market-based solutions to protect the environment) and fiscal responsibility. 

In the spring 2018 semester, Rosie’s involvement with the College Republicans led her to provide written testimonial in defense of free speech on college campuses to the Maryland General Assembly, as well as publish an op-ed about clean energy with fellow CRs. This summer, she interned on Capitol Hill and her experience made her even more passionate about advancing the conservative cause.

Rosie wants everyone to know that College Republicans is an open and inclusive organization for everyone, and that we welcome differences in ideology: civil dialogue and exchange of ideas allows us to make more effective policies. Together, we can be voices for a better, brighter future!